It all starts here...

At AAE Corporation, we believe that understanding the intricate details of your business is the first step towards sustainable growth and success. That's why we have designed our Comprehensive Business Assessment - a meticulous audit service that focuses on your business processes, human resources policies, and financial frameworks.

Whether your goal is support for HR or Financial Consulting, Fractional Executives, or a Custom Solution, the first step is always the 360 Business Assessment.

Here's how we do it

Step 1: Getting to Know Your Business

We start by understanding your business inside and out. We study your organization, its history, the industry you operate in, and the challenges you face. We immerse ourselves in your world, allowing us to align our strategies with your unique needs and objectives.

Step 2: Analyzing Business Processes

Next, we turn our attention to your business processes. We scrutinize everything from your sales techniques to your procurement processes. Our goal is to identify inefficiencies, redundancies, and areas for potential improvement, thereby streamlining your operations and maximizing productivity.

Step 3: Assessing HR Policies

Your people are your greatest asset. Our HR policy review aims to ensure that you're not only compliant with relevant laws and regulations but also fostering an environment that attracts, develops, and retains top talent. We evaluate your hiring practices, performance management systems, training and development initiatives, and workplace culture.

Step 4: Examining Financial Frameworks

While we don't conduct a full financial audit, we do examine your financial frameworks. This includes reviewing financial management practices, analyzing cash flow and profitability, and understanding your investment strategies. We look for ways to optimize your financial health, ensuring you have the resources necessary to drive growth.

Step 5: Delivering Detailed Findings

Upon completion of our assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings. This report includes potential areas for improvement, actionable recommendations, and strategic insights that can guide your organization's future.

Our Comprehensive Business Assessment isn't just an audit; it's a partnership.

We stand with you on your journey towards growth, offering ongoing support and advice.

Trust AAE Corporation to provide the insights you need to navigate your path to success.